Nouvelles Manufactures


PhD Defense and solo exhibition presenting 4 years of research


At Musée des Arts et Métiers, 60 rue Réaumur, Paris, FR, November 27  to December 2nd, 2019


A PhD from Paris Sciences et Lettres University, prepared at École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs

SACRe doctoral programme (ED 540—EA 7410)


Directed by Samuel Bianchini and Roger Malina

Co-supervised by Patrick Renaud



Ms Hughes, Lynn, Emeritus Professor, Concordia University, Rapporteur.

Ms Houdart, Sophie, Director of research, CNRS, Rapporteur.

M. Bianchini, Samuel, Associate Professor (HDR: with an Habilitation to be a Director of Research), EnsAD, PhD director.

Ms Lechot Hirt, Lysianne, Teacher, HEAD Genève, Member of the jury.

M. Malina, Roger, Emeritus Professor, University of Texas, PhD co-director.

M. Quinz, Emanuele, Associate Professor, Université Paris 8, Member of the jury.

M. Renaud, Patrick, Teacher, EnsAD, PhD co-supervisor.

M. Winkin, Yves, University Professor, Cnam, Member of the jury.


Technophanic Manufactures is a research and creation PhD in art and design, following a double approach:

empirical—by means of experiments and artefacts—and reflexive—by means of a thesis.



Coordination and curating : Lucile Vareilles

Scenography : Marie Douel

Graphic design : Fei Gwee

Communication : Julie Sauret

Setup : Steven Akoun, Anto Charoy, Clara Citron, Paul Citron, Nicolas Gieules, Christophe Machet.


Un great thank to  the Musée des Arts et Métiers's team :

Ariane Batou-To Van, Arnaud Dubois, Jean-Pierre Ostertag, Claudie Pasquier,

Denis Savoie, Guy Soyez, Nathalie Vuhong et Yves Winkin,